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The premium quality of Señorío de Camarasa picual oil can be enjoyed in different containers with different capacities. Choose the ones that adapt to your lifestyle and the conditions of your home – to take to the table, as a basic in the kitchen, in the salad combo, if you go on a trip …-, You will receive them at home or at work, conveniently packaged, at the time you choose. And if you are in the area or want a special product … why not stop by to see us? We will be happy to assist you in person.

Available Our Early Green Oil (freshly made) Campaign 22-23
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(only in Peninsular Spain)

500ml Organic


Ecological Box 2,5L. Box 3 units


Tasting Pack


Pack Gourmet


Gift Pack

Special Occasion, Minis


2L La Giralda, served in individual boxes

Our cosmetic basket, which one of its components is our traditional oil.

Case 3 Units

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With Bottle Case of the Harvest 2022/23. From the freshly made, to the traditional and its joint pack.

Glass Container, 500ml of Early Oil, freshly made.

Glass Container, 100ml of Early Oil. Box of 40 bottles.


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