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From the beautiful municipality of Torres, in the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina in Jaén, Señorío de Camarasa EVOO, wants you to live the complete experience around our extra virgin mountain olive oil, our municipality, its history and its natural wealth: a spectacular mountain range, the landscape of olive groves with the olive harvest, The cherry tree and its beauty in spring and the abundant water of our municipality.


When the Torres festivities end, towards the end of September, the 634 cooperative members of Santa Isabel began to examine precisely each of our olives to see which trees will be harvested first, where the most advanced olives are and when we can start with the harvest.

In mid-autumn the cooperative opens its doors and begins the season for which we have been preparing throughout the year:


The collection. Each farmer with his family collects the fruit of his trees – to make Señorío de Camarasa only the olive of the tree is used, what we call flight olive – and, every day, at sunset, he takes the harvest to the cooperative of Santa Isabel where José and Paco receive each batch, weigh it and eliminate the leaves that come with the fruit.

It immediately goes to the mill supervised by Manuel, our master miller, and after grinding it mechanically, the bone and skin are separated from the fruit that will give rise to the oil thanks to a respectful centrifugation process. Our team of millers works in shifts to cover 24 hours a day and that no olive passes more than 24 hours from the time it is picked until it becomes juice.

We already have the unfiltered or branch oil that is so fashionable today.

To put it on sale our cooperative filters it thus ensuring its best conservation.


We want you to visit our oil mill, an olive cooperative of 634 farmers and to know closely how extra virgin mountain olive oil is made. Knowing the history of our factory, which had its origins in the water of Torres, admiring our beautiful town and tasting our oils to appreciate all its nuances, flavors and aromas, in the same place where it is produced, is an experience that you have not lived before …

And all this guided, by the hand of the professionals of our cooperative.

In addition, in the cherry blossom season (late March to early April. Check in this link: https://www.torresturismo.es/turismo/floracion-del-cerezo/) you can admire a unique show that attracts thousands of visitors every year and in the cherry season (May-June), we invite you to try them and take them home. There are no others like it. 


Visit Torres, in the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina, in Jaén, and soak up the Culture of EVOO. Learn to differentiate a quality extra virgin olive oil and to appreciate the flavors and properties of our Freshly Made and our Organic, the most desired by our friends and loyal consumers.

Other Oleotourism with Camarasa


To know in its entirety the process of making extra virgin olive oil Freshly Made, Conventional and Organic.


Know and taste the organoleptic characteristics (smells and flavors) of each of our evoos: Freshly Made, Conventional and Ecological, authentic extra virgins. We teach you to recognize the quality and properties of an EVOO, as well as its healthy wealth.

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